Here is a list of features to consider when brainstorming for your commercial and how we incorporate them into your video.

Videos offer an interactive platform for reaching your customers with your company’s message.

Videos also have the capacity to easily go viral by being shared on a multitude of social media platforms that are so prolific today.

Our whiteboard videos go a step further by mesmerizing your customers into watching your entire video to the end and viewing your complete message.

AIDA – Attention > Interest > Desire > Action

We use the tried-and-true, proven process of AIDA for developing our whiteboard videos –

  • Attention – Our videos immediately capture your customers attention.
  • Interest – Your customers interest is piqued to continue watching and see what will be drawn next.
  • Desire – Providing a great offer gives your customer the desire to do business with your company.
  • Action – Our videos make sure your customer know exactly what to do next to acquire your services!

There is no better way to attract new and current customers to your offer and gain new clients instantly!

See for yourself below!

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